OSR Compatible Logo

The OSR Compatible logo is available under the Creative Commons CC-BY license. This means that you may use or modify the logo as long as you provide attribution to osrcompatible.org; I would ask that any modifications also use CC-BY.

All products that use the OSR Compatible logo are asked to provide a box at the start of the product similar to the following:

This module is OSR Compatible and can be used with any old school RPG or modern clones. It was designed with the classic version of the game in mind but with minimal changes can be used with original or advanced rules or their clones.

Encounters are listed in the following format:
Orcs (4) – AC 6 (13), HD 1, #AT 1, D 1d6

Armor Class is given both descending and ascending values, with ascending values in parentheses. An unarmored character is AC 9 (10) and chainmail gives AC 5 (14).

Unless specified, all encountered creatures and men are assumed to have the same movement rates as normal men and to use the same saving throws as a fighter of the same level as their hit dice.

The recommended categories are original, classic and advanced games, to indicate the style of game that the product is targeting. Alternatively no such compatibility can be indicated and the product can be for all editions.

Note that this is only an example, and your specific format may vary. In the encounter format, armor class should be clearly described, including armor classes for an unarmored character and for a character in chain mail. Armor class may use any scale the publisher desires, as long as values are provided for unarmored and chain mail.

If movement rates are provided, the text should describe briefly how they work – for instance scale inches where 1″=10 feet underground and 10 yards aboveground, or feet where 90′(30′) indicates 90′ per 10-minute turn and 30′ per combat round. Any stats other than the basic ones, such as morale (2-12) should be described briefly with a scale.

OSR Compatible Logo, White Background: 88x31
OSR Compatible Logo, Transparent Background: 88x31

OSR Compatible Logo, Vector Graphics (.svg) contributed by Dan Hyland 88x31

Based on OSR Logo by Stuart Robertson