What is the OSR Compatible Standard?
OSR Compatible is a simple, flexible way for independent publishers to indicate that their products are compatible with the wide variety of classic old-school RPGs and their modern clones. Just follow the instructions on the OSR Compatible Logo page, and you’ll let prospective customers know that your product will work with their favorite old-school games.

Why another standard? Aren’t there already too many clones?
That’s really the idea behind the OSR Compatible logo in the first place. There are so many editions and clones that gamers still play today, and independent publishers shouldn’t feel locked into someone else’s product line. OSR Compatible is a simple solution for publishers.

Can I put the logo on my product’s cover?
Yes, that’s the point! The transparent logo is meant to be placed on a full-color cover.

I made a better version of the OSR Compatible Logo.
That’s not a question, but it would be awesome for anybody to do. If you have an improved version, release it under the CC-BY license and send it to wrossi81 at gmail – I will put it on the OSR Compatible Logo page as an alternate logo.

Does my stat block have to work like the one on the OSR Compatible Logo page?
No. While all OSR Compatible products are asked to provide a sample stat block and brief explanation along with a statement of compatibility, the stat block format is only one example. If you use different Armor Class, or any other variants, just give a short description of the product’s assumptions so that it’s clear how things work. For instance, if you use ascending armor class starting at 11 and a character in chainmail has AC 15, simply say so.

Is OSR Compatible connected to the Open Game License?
No. The OSR Compatible Logo is not released with the Open Game License, and publishers are not required to place the OGL in their products. It is released under CC-BY and requires only attribution per that license.

My product uses the Open Game License. Can I still use the OSR Compatible Logo?
Yes, there is nothing that contradicts your use of the OSR Compatible Logo on a product released according to the Open Game License. However, if you do so, the OSR Compatible Logo should be designated as Product Identity, which excludes it from the OGL.

Can I use the OSR Compatible Logo if my module is for a particular OSR clone?
Yes, as long as the other license allows you to do so. You can even use OSR Compatible if you are a clone publisher.

What products are appropriate for the OSR Compatible Standard?
Any product where characters have Armor Class that makes them hard to hit and Hit Dice that makes them hard to kill can be released under the OSR Compatible Standard.

Who is behind the OSR Compatible Standard?
The OSR Compatible Standard was created by Wayne Rossi, the author of the blog Semper Initiativus Unum, as a free service to the old school gaming community. The logo is based on Stuart Robertson‘s OSR logo.

Where is the Products page?
The products page is now here.

I have a product that I want listed on the Products page, or another question not handled here.
Email wrossi81 at gmail for any requests.